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n8864r atlantic flight

The adventure of a lifetime

Purchasing a plane on the opposite side of the world and bringing it home

Throughout the year 2022, a decision was made to purchase an airplane. This marked the beginning of a year-long project that proved to be much more complex than one might anticipate. During the selection process, our attention was captivated by the interesting and unique N8864R. Despite facing numerous logistical, technical, and administrative complications, we navigated our way through to the geographical challenges: there was an ocean separating us from the plane. In short, the plane now resides in Europe, and we, fortunately, made it through all the hurdles alive, overcoming each obstacle along the way.

Are you interested in the details ?

Presently, we are available for presentations, offering detailed explanations in three language variants: Czech, German, and English.

Being centrally located in Europe, our preferred locations include the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about our availability through the button below.

n8864r grand canyon
n8864r new york
n8864r greenland
n8864r bellanca cruisemaster
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